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The much anticipated Forging Freedom event united the bright minds and caring hearts of the sleep industry in taking on a global epidemic: child sex trafficking. Thank you for making this cause your own. Couldn’t make it? Contribute here >

no worse crime, no greater cause

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Two million children are trafficked for sex worldwide. Some 250,000 live here in the United States. Every two minutes, a child as young as five years old is bought and sold for sex. It is an unthinkable problem that exists not only in developing nations, but here in our own.

How could this happen? Money and resources. The fastest-growing criminal enterprise in the world, sex trafficking is a $99 billion annual industry, and most law enforcement agencies lack the resources and training to break up these international crime rings and hidden internet criminals.


what can we do?

How can we fight back against a rampant problem so horrible, it’s difficult to talk about? It starts with awareness. From there, it takes a lot of people and a systematic approach that involves three main areas: Rescue, Recovery, and Prevention.


Individual missions to rescue children from slavery and assist law enforcement in the prosecution of trafficking offenders.

impact a child's future

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rescue missions

Immediate safety and freedom for victims and long-term justice for traffickers

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Ongoing education and training for survivors to ensure a bright future free of exploitation

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Nurture and heal survivors with additional aftercare programs and support staff

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save a child

Rescue a single child from sex trafficking and provide one year of appropriate aftercare

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cyber training

Advanced training for law enforcement to locate and track down people that sell children for sex online

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additional resources

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Download the Forging Freedom partner packet to learn about the benefits of being a benefactor with the Malouf Foundation, review the need categories, and spread awareness.


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