Nurture and heal survivors with additional aftercare programs and support staff

By giving at the Care level, you contribute to the recovery of children in safe, positive aftercare centers. This typically supports the hiring of an additional social worker or staff member for an aftercare home for one year. These carefully vetted people provide ongoing therapy and care for 15 to 20 children, assisting with psychological healing, legal protection, learning life skills, and even transportation to medical appointments.

Aftercare is a critical component of the eradication of child sex trafficking. For many of these children, there is no hope of returning to their families because their own parents, siblings, or other relatives are the very people that put them in harm’s way, selling them for money or drugs. For those children, the aftercare team becomes their primary source of comfort, support, and encouragement. With proper care, guidance, and medical treatment, these children may regain the ability to live out their childhood dreams.

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