Rescue a single child from sex trafficking and provide one year of appropriate aftercare

The worth of a child is priceless. Innocence has no price tag. Your generosity, however, can help to rescue a child from the worst imaginable situation possible, aid in the prosecution of trafficking offenders, and help children heal in a safe place. As a Freedom benefactor, you will be providing the average cost to rescue and provide 12 months of aftercare for a single child.

Rescue missions occur all over the world. In some cases, Operation Underground Railroad operatives work undercover to liberate children. In others, OUR trains and empowers local law enforcement to rescue children and arrest traffickers. In either situation, the mission does not end with emancipation. Children need a safe and nurturing environment to receive counseling, gain job training or education, and find a path to a successful life. Saving one child and providing them with proper care and counseling is a life- changing gift that has no monetary equivalent.

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