Ongoing education and training for survivors to ensure a bright future free of exploitation

Your donation provides scholarships for schooling, school uniforms, laptops, and occupational training for trafficking survivors. While in aftercare, children are encouraged to immediately begin schooling to catch up on any time missed and to gain the confidence and knowledge to succeed in the future. For many, the walk to freedom means a return of lifelong goals. Many dream of becoming hair stylists, seamstresses, and teachers. In many instances, job training occurs at the aftercare center.

Without education and job training to give survivors the means to make a livable income, 85 percent of girls end up back in the trafficking cycle. Education is the best prevention. Something as simple as going to school every day prevents children from ever being exploited in the first place. Where there is no hope of escaping poverty and hunger, children are easily lured with false promises of employment or care.

Your help makes dreams a reality for an average of 15 children who have survived the unthinkable and provides them with skills to become independent, stable adults who use their talents to help others.

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