Immediate safety and freedom for victims and long-term justice for traffickers

Your contribution brings immediate freedom, safety, and dignity to children through a single rescue operation. A rescue team comprised of former CIA operatives, Navy SEALS, and special forces relies on months of investigation and careful cooperation with local authorities to set up a sting operation. Every mission is different, and anywhere from 1 to 50 children may be rescued in a single operation. The team facilitates the arrest of traffickers and transportation of children to a safe house. If child survivors are unable to be returned to family, they are set up with aftercare.

Hidden cameras and filming crews capture necessary evidence during the rescue mission to ensure justice to victims without the need to face their traffickers in court. In addition to freeing children and moving them to a safe place of recovery, trafficking rings are broken up and perpetrators are incarcerated, potentially protecting dozens or even hundreds more children from being sexually exploited or sold for sex.

Your contribution will include an opportunity to name the rescue mission and a report of mission results: how many children are rescued and how many criminals are arrested.

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